Covid Precautions

What are Newshade doing to assist during Covid lockdown?

It can be quite frustrating that we cannot visit your home to site measure and discuss your exciting home project with you, but there are several ways we can navigate this and at NewShade we are doing all we can to be able to continue to provide you with first class service.

1. Remotely assessing your home

We can use satellite technology to view the property remotely and assess the access to your home and the suitability of the proposed structure. All we need is your home address.

2. Measure Up!

Send us the length, width and height of your structure and we can apply it to our engineering software.

3. What Type of Structure?

Let us know if you want a flyover style, single skin, insulated sheeting, louvres, or a variety. We can advise what should best suit your needs.

4. Add Ons!

Lighting, Clear sheeting, Fans, Blinds! Talk to us about your requirements and we can add these to your quotation as needed!

5. Pictures!

Send us a few photographs of the area that might better explain what you require. Don't be afraid to send us stock images you might have found on our website or pinterest etc.

If you are still undecided, why not book in a facetime / zoom call with us? We'd be happy to walk through your project with you and give you the best service possible.